lunedì 11 aprile 2011

due sciure e una dieta

It's been hot and so I've been spending my time outside, biking around the city, reading in the park, eating gelato. Today I stopped at Garibaldi in Brera for a cono piccolo di pistacchio e stracciatella and sat outside on their wooden bench. As I began to eat, a well-dressed sciura milanese across the street called out, "Come on, what are you doing?"
A signora beside me with one foot in the gelateria replied, "I'm getting a gelato! Come get one too!"
"I don't want one!" the first woman replied.
"Well, I'm getting one."
"It's not even that warm today! Come on, you're wasting time."
"Who cares about the diet, I've earned it!" the golosona said. "I'm going to get a bel yoghurt!"
The first woman, her cell-phone clutched in her hand, crossed the street and joined the woman with the sweet-tooth, and as they entered the gelateria I heard her ask the second woman what she was getting.
After a few minutes I finished my cone and stood up to go, just as the two women were exiting the shop. The first woman had a two-flavor cone in one hand and her cell phone in the other, and she said, "Silvia? Ciao, I'm here in Corso Garibaldi with an amazing soy gelato. Now, as I was saying..."

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