mercoledì 1 giugno 2011

best of Milan

My time in Milan is coming to an end. I think I'm ready.
I mean, not packed yet and maybe not cosciente of the change that's coming my way, but maybe a sliver of readiness c'è, hopefully?
So in honor of abandoning la Madunina, I've decided to make a best of list. Many months of exploration and death-risking and coffee-drinking went into making this list, so treasure it.

  • Best Sicilian gelato, granita and cannoli: La Gelateria dell'Isola, Piazzale Lagosta. Chat with Sicilian father&son while you slurp up some delicious granita. My current favorite is lemon and gelsi. Honorable mention: Gelateria Garibaldi, Corso Garibaldi.
  • Snootiest gelateria: Cioccolati Italiani, behind the Duomo across from Luini. Almost unbearably snob atmosphere, but they put melted white or dark chocolate in your cone.
  • Best ridiculously cheap restaurant: Il Toscano, Via Raffaello Sanzio. First and second courses for 10 euros. You have to be a bit careful what you pick, but you can't go wrong with the spaghetti cacio e pepe or with walnut sauce.
  • Most delicious choose-your-own pasta combination while reading the menu full of Italian poetry: Osteria dei Poeti, Corso Garibaldi.
  • Best pizza napolitana: Biagio, Via Vincenzo Monti. It's not that pizza we had in Puglia, but it's pretty good.
  • Restaurant with the best quality/price ratio: Osteria dei Vecchi Sapori, Isola. It has pear ravioli!
  • Best place to go when you want something fresh and fast and you're sick of Italian food: Mythos Ghireria, Via Quadrio near Via Farini. I literally go here every week: I am addicted to their pita vegetariana with feta, greens, tomatoes, peppers, onions, tzaziki, and fairy dust.
  • Most communist aperativo: Frida, Via Pollaiuolo.
  • Best place to get a drink and hear jazz (Thursday nights): Nordest Cafè, Via Borsieri.
  • Fanciest aperativo: La Hora Feliz, AKA Hemingway. Good for carnivores because they sneak meat into all the dishes.
  • Best Falafel Kebab: the one in Via Borsieri. They make the pita and fry the falafel to order. Yurm.
  • Favorite place to get a coffee and do something productive for hours: Nordest Caffè or, on Mondays, Bar Magenta, Via Magenta.
Non-food related best ofs to follow...